• Model AMER 92
  • Year 2008
  • L.O.A. 28,00 mt

Yacht details

  • Code SAL-C0002
  • Model AMER 92
  • Shipyard PERMARE
  • L.O.A. 28,00 mt
  • Width 6,30 mt
  • Draught 2,00 mt
  • Manufacture VTR
  • Engines CAT 2 X 1825 hp
  • Max speed 31
  • Cruising speed 27
  • Flag SPANISH
  • Classification RINA
  • Guests 4


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The Amer 92 was designed to provide high performance and excellent seaworthiness. The hull has a chine, monohedric V-type planing to combine excellent lift characteristics of the hull with a remarkable sweetness in the response to the wave. The adoption of structural tanks that run longitudinally in the hull not only allows for exceptional autonomy but represents a great element of safety as it creates an absolutely hermetic double bottom that protects against the consequences of any accidents in the hull. Their barycentric arrangement allows a constant trim which at various displacements, from full load to unloaded boat, ensures the best use of the hull and therefore optimal performance. The reduced vertical height of the tanks made in this way also allows for optimal stability at anchor. Particularly studied is the insulation of the engine room and the silencing of the engines whose exhaust gases, at high speed, are exhausted through a submerged exhaust expressly studied for high speeds. This configuration allows to avoid back pressure to the motors, optimizing their operation. For a better comfort of use, the exhaust gases escape aft through an emerged silencing duct during maneuvering. The material used in the construction of both the hull and the superstructure is fiberglass. In particular, vinylester resin is used for the first lamination layers of the hull in order to ensure the best osmotic protection characteristics of the hull. The side of the hull and extended portions of the superstructure are sandwich laminated with RINA-approved structural PVC core material. This is to ensure the best structural and insulating characteristics. The sizing of all the structures are calculated based on the requests from RINA for the "A" design class, which is the highest available for the CE certification of the boat. The hull structure will be of the longitudinal type stiffened by reinforced floors and ribs. The structural tanks extend for a good part of the length of the guest quarters, also performing the function of primary longitudinal beam. Each of them is suitably coated with a protective film of different material depending on the chemical compatibility of the fluid contained. In particular, the complete Plastigel treatment is used in the naphtha boxes, to guarantee the durability of the structure in contact with the hydrocarbons of the fuel. The structural tanks intended to house fresh water were previously treated with food gealcoat. The watertight bulkheads are made of plywood sandwich with a foam plastic core, ensuring good insulation properties, structural resistance and noise insulation.