Levante Mare, your guide and partner in the yacht market

Yacht charter for luxury holidays

Your vacation in yacht... beyond common places

consulenza crociera privata

Consultants for your private cruise

From the first meeting we are ready to evaluate together with the customer the yacht cruising area that best suits their needs, defining what are the well-known areas and the intimate ones, the family beaches, romantic hikes, or exclusive parties, the better organized areas and those with uncontaminated nature.

We assist the customer in the choice of the navigation itinerary by developing an ad hoc route day by day based on their aspirations: with tips on the unmissable destinations, the most beautiful harbours, and breath-taking landscapes accessible only to those who have changed their point of view, choosing the sea. But it’s not all: Levante Mare is your trusted partner when it comes to reserving the most exclusive restaurants (think of the VIP areas in Ibiza, Porto Cervo, Capri...), to booking a room with the best view for your unforgettable evenings, arranging any visits to the ground and taking care of all those little and precious details that make the difference.

scegliere yacht

Choose your yacht

The perfect yacht for you exists, we'll help you find it

Our Charter Brokers experts will give you free access to a network that includes every yacht available in all the seas of the world and constant assistance starting from the choice of the cruise area to the booking of the most exclusive restaurant in your preferred destination. Levante Mare allows you to select the yacht that suits your needs in the cruise area you prefer, or to relocate it, minimizing delivery/redelivery costs from the base port to the final destination. Levante Mare evaluates beforehand together with the customer the models, specifications, and dimensions of the boats in order to find a yacht that fully satisfies you.

flotta levante mare

Levante Mare Fleet

The crew makes the difference

The crew on a charter yacht is the human and professional component that makes the difference, that is why the yacht crews part of the Levante Mare Fleet are directly selected by the company and its Commanders. Expert navigation, attention to the safety and tranquillity of the customer are the aspects that distinguish our fleet.

Trade Yacht

Levante Mare, your guide and partner in the yacht market

acquistare uno yacht di lusso

Buy aluxury yacht

Our multi-year database allows us to contact buyers and sellers in the current global market and we currently have about 300 boats looking for a new owner. We support our customers in the various phases of the sale with excellent technical skills by evaluating the state of the yacht, any required refitting work, suggesting the best shipyards in the area of interest, providing transfer service and assistance in the training of the potential crew

supporto acquisto vendita yacht

Commercial support and financial consulting to buy and sell yachts