• Model MAIORA 29 dp
  • Year 1998
  • L.O.A. 29,25 mt

Yacht details

  • Code SAL-A0017
  • Model MAIORA 29 dp
  • Shipyard FIPA
  • L.O.A. 29,25 mt
  • Width 6,65 mt
  • Draught 1,90 mt
  • Manufacture VTR
  • Engines MTU 2 x 1850 hp
  • Max speed 25
  • Cruising speed 21
  • Flag ESTERA
  • Guests 4 + 2


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The Maiora 29 DP is the latest product of Fipa Yard, designed by Roberto del Re. The design of this 96 footer is based on the previous 82-foot yacht, yet her stability and trim at sea are considerably better. The high levels of performance and aggressive beauty of the latest model produced by Fipa/del Re are the result of the combined study of the subtle relationship between hull, transmission, propelling unit and balance of weights on board. As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult for a boat of this size, with a full boat displacement of 83.6 tons, to appear so slender and so aerodynamic in shape, especially from an aerial view. Equally beautiful and innovative is the interior layout, showing great experience and creativity, care of owner needs and the will of expressing always and anyway new conceptions. The idea of making the salon essential yet very elegant is extraordinary. Every small item is especially chosen and introduced in order to increase the futuristic and sophisticated creativity of spaces and components that would otherwise be trite (e.g. the ergonomic seat, the bar, the wood paneling of the forward bulkhead, the hi-fi stereo and satellite color TV set, etc.). The 29 DP indeed represents, for the Fipa Yard, a further step of renewal toward a new range of double-deck yachts, starting with the 82 footer and continuing with the 96-foot yacht and over.