Levante Mare is an international yacht brokerage firm specialized in luxury charters, in particularly:

A luxury yacht charter offers all facilities of a 5-stars hotel, with the added benefit of a catering made specifically to you. There will be a variety of activities available to you, depending on specific itineraries, weather, and the personal interests of the guests.

In the yacht charter fleet LevanteMare there are many kind of yachts: sailing and motoryachts, classics and modern. The majority of yachts available are motoryachts and they offer the broadest spectrum of luxury amenities and sporting opportunities, thanks at their dimensions.

Levante Mare, with the largest global yacht charter fleet, a highly experienced team of brokers, and a first class crew aboard, can design your dream holiday and ensure your maximum privacy and relax.
Chartering a yacht is the best way to comfortably explore some of the world's most beautiful pristine and luxurious destinations.

Planning the holiday of your dreams is very easy with Levante Mare, its team of experts will take care of you and will advise you at the best.

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