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Cruising on a private yacht is travel at its most luxurious, liberating and unforgettable; a sumptuous dive into the heart of what a vacation truly is. The sheer freedom and delicious abandonment that exists onboard a private yacht is second to none and is the only way to truly experience some of the world's most stunning locations. Discover a destination and choose a private yacht using our sophisticated luxury yacht charter search.

Chartering a private yacht is like holding the keys to another world, one that very few others will ever have the opportunity to discover. Private yacht charters allow you to explore some of the world's most exclusive regions and revel in the pristine, unspoiled beauty of remote islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites. Whether you envision an active family getaway, romantic honeymoon escape or glamorous island-hopping adventure, chartering a private yacht will introduce you to the world's best-kept secrets.

Surrounded by the dazzling and crystalline waters around the globe, you will achieve the ultimate sensation of escape. You and your guests will be blessed by some of the best service in the world. As unique, intimate and personalized as you desire, every last detail of a private yacht charter is decided by you, from the ingredients in tonight's dinner to where the yacht sails tomorrow.

Behind all private yacht charters lies the experience of a world-class crew: these expertly trained professionals will cater to your every need, from preparing the meals and rooms daily to organizing extravagant on-board parties, no request is too big or too small.



Luxury yacht charters are not simply confined to the likes of families, couples and groups of friends seeking an exceptional holiday. Corporate charters see some of the world's true megayachts open their decks to companies looking for a way to entertain clients, reward employees, or host business activities.

Far exceeding other corporate travel accommodations and venues, yacht charters grant each individual onboard a completely fresh experience, with the freedom to develop new ideas and inspirations to take back to the workplace.

Each corporate charter is created to be unique to the client and their individual requirements. Whether desired to impress a client, encourage team bonding and skills, or to offer an incentive for employee excellence, there is a corporate yacht charter to suit every need.

As some of the largest superyachts on the charter market can host up to 140 guests for day charters and sleep around 80 in complete comfort, even companies with the largest of staff or client groups can indulge in a corporate yacht charter. Luxury yacht charters act as a remarkable setting for corporate entertainment including formal dinners, theme nights, receptions and product launches. They also offer a unique venue for all kind of business activities from meetings and conferences to discreet contract negotiations and discussions.

Corporate yacht charters run for a variety of time periods depending on requirements; it may be a day, weekend, or week-long charter. As with luxury yacht vacations, corporate charters are fully staffed and catered-for so everyone onboard need only worry about getting on with business.

Ideas for corporate charters include docking at the Monaco Grand Prix to offer clients a unique taste of hospitality; heading to the Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean as an employee reward scheme; launching your company's latest product under the glittering lights of Sydney Harbour; or hosting a company awards night amongst the lavish setting of a megayacht.

Use our Charter Search to find an ideal superyacht for your luxury corporate charter according to when and where you'd like to travel and the number of guests you need to cater to.


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