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Private yacht charter is an experience unlike any other; it’s a luxury lifestyle that offers unparalleled accommodations and gives access to spectaculars sceneries, always better seen from the sea.    
From the yacht owner’s perspective, it’s the opportunity to turn an investment in pleasure into a flourishing business; maybe the best decision you can make after purchasing your yacht! Placing your yacht in charter service can substantially reduce the cost of ownership and generate revenue.      


From the moment we are appointed as the charter yacht broker for a yacht, we waste no time and start to offer on the marketplace. Whether your yacht is offered for a limited period or for the whole year, you will enjoy the benefits to deal with an energetic and motivated team.
Our Charter Division utilizes marketing techniques coming from in-depth industry knowledge to create charter opportunities for your yacht. Our marketing strategies are proactive, dynamic and international in scope; we utilize many promotional tools like Internet, catalogs, advertising in nautical reviews and e-newsletters. Levante Mare also established many relationships with the top charter yacht brokers around the world—an incomparable tool for booking charters.      


Our team dealing with yachts for charter has the duty to promote your yacht to the international marketplace (and brokerage industry) as part of Levante Mare charter fleet.
Our charter broker work closely with you and your captain to achieve the goals that you have set for your charter yacht.
Our Sales Division often “catches” clients for yacht charters too; maybe clients who have just sold their own yacht and are not in time to buy for the next season; clients willing to try a cruise before buying their own yacht; clients who decided not to purchase but simply charter a yacht.  

Our team is at your disposal for any information, any advice, any consulting.



In order to make your private yacht and crew charter ready, there are a few things to do before you can launch your international yacht charter business. Levante Mare can help you to create and maintain a successful business:

Brochure - We will assist you with the production of an appropriate and professional brochure to promote your yacht and crew to clients.  A brochure is needed to reach your desired market niche; it contains quality photos and a professional layout increasing the charter opportunities your yacht will receive.

Agreement between Owner and yacht broker - Outlines the responsibilities of Levante Mare as yacht broker and yours as yacht Owner.  

Charter Boat Shows – Your yacht’s attendance at one of the major charter trade shows enables international yacht brokers to personally inspect your private yacht and meet the crew. It seems not so important but for a yacht broker, knowing a yacht’s crew means a lot; he will then offer the yacht with belief and knowledge.

International Brokers Association: Your yacht will be placed on, the largest luxury charter yacht database - available to international yacht brokers and charter brokers. is where we maintain your private yacht’s master calendar, e-brochures, specs, rates, seasonal bases and crew profiles; an indispensable instrument to internationally advertise our Central Agency yachts for charter; through the we get in touch with yacht brokers all over the world that, warranted by the association, sell cruises on our Central Agency yachts to their clients.  This is the only way to let a yacht for charter working well in medium and low season also; the Russian, the American client (or anyway a foreign client) willing to charter a yacht in Italy will not contact an Italian Agency but his agency in his country; this agency, through the, will find the suitable yacht for this client through an Italian agency. Your yacht will also be advertised in the American circuit; this is also an important brokers database but it mainly works for American market whilst the works all over the world.

Rates – Levante Mare will support you to determine the right weekly rate for your yacht’s hire continually analyzing the international yacht charter rates of vessels with similar accomodation and features.

Crew guidelines: We encourage yacht charter crew, particularly the Captain, to play an active role and use their past experiences to let guests enjoy the yacht and her professional crew. We will ask the crew to set in advance some sample itineraries and some sample menus. The publishes the guidelines for yacht charter Captains; these are very helpful both for Captains and Owners, being a real “vademecum” and helping the crew to avoid any possible misunderstanding with clients.  

Specifications - Completed by the Captain, a list of amenities and special features are an integral part of our marketing international yacht charters.  Private yacht crew profiles are created and maintained by the Captain, and are an important tool of the booking process for both international yacht brokers and charter clients. 



The most famous yachtcharter Agreement in the world is the MYBA for sure, published and certified by the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. A yacht which can be chartered with this contract is certified by the association and this a first warrantee itself. 

The Myba Charter Agreement states very specific conditions called  WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms). Charter rates paid by clients (the Charterer) include: yacht’s hire (fully equipped), crew, yacht’s insurance, crew’s food. Charter rates do not include: fuel for the yacht, for generators, for tenders and toys; guests’ food and drinks; port fees and taxes if any; water and electricity ashore; personal laundry, personal communication costs and everything not mentioned in “rates include”.

It is possible, with Italian clients, using other charter agreements issued by Italian Chambers of Commerce which have not very different conditions, if compared to the Myba Charter Agreement and the WMT conditions. The only different condition is that the Myba includes crew’s food in the charter rate whilst in Italian contracts it is normally considered as an extra. 

In East Mediterranean the usual conditions are called SEMT o EMT (Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms), usually applicable in Greece and Turkey. In this case rates include: yacht’s hire (fully equipped), crew, insurance, crew’s food, fuel for 4 or 5 hours per day, port fees and taxes if any (Corinth Canal fees are never included in rates). Often, but not always, rates also include water and electricity. Rates do not include: fuel for the yacht over 4 or 5 sailing hours per day, fuel for tenders, generator(s) and toys, private marina fees, guest’s food and drinks, communications costs and personal laundry.  

 On the Caribbean area conditions are called Standard Caribbean Terms (SCT) which state that charter rates include: yacht’s hire (fully equipped), crew, insurance, guests’ food, crew’s food, fuel for a number of hours often changing from a yacht to another. Drinks are extras together with cpersonal communication costs, personal laundry, port fees. 


 In Italy, from 2002, the law allows yachts for charter (and clients chartering these yachts) to pay reduced VAT. As many yachts for charter carry out their charter activity either in UE or in extra UE waters (Tunisia, Croatia, etc…), Italian Government decided that who charters a yacht can pay less VAT. The VAT percentage applicable to each yacht for charter is inversely proportional to the yacht’s dimensions.  

Hereinafter the VAT percentages applicable in case during the charter period the yacht cruises in International waters too:
- Motoryachts or Sailingyachts over 24 meters lenght  6,60%
- Sailingyachts between 20.01 and 24 mt lenght and Motoryachts between 16,01 and 24 mt lenght  8,80%
- Sailingyachts between 10,01 and 20 mt lenght and Motoryachts between 12,01 and 16 mt length  11%
All Italian yachts regularly licensed for charter can buy duty free fuel, cheaper than full price.
In other Mediterranean Countries, the applicable VAT percentages are different from Country to Country.

Hereinafter some examples:
- French flagged yachts  22%
- Spanish flagged yachts  21%
- Greek flagged yachts  6.5%
- Turkish flagged yachts  18%
- Croatian flagged yachts  13%

The VAT applicability has to be separately studied each time because the Country where the charter takes place can often make the difference.

Moreover, several yachts cruising in Mediterranean Sea sail under English flag or under Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey flags; other yachts come from USA, Australia, South America, etc… and whilst they were completely exempt from European VAT until few years ago, they now pay VAT accordingly to the law of the Country where the charter starts.

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